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Two of this season's key trends are dark glamour and menswear-inspired tailoring

Two of this season’s key trends are ‘dark glamour’ and menswear-inspired tailoring. If you’re looking for inspiration to tack on your mood board, look no further than the Valentino Fall/Winter 1977 campaign: Shot by Deborah Turbeville, the images capture both of these major 2019 fashion themes. In one shot, for instance, Turbeville conjures her trademark atmosphere of mystery and romance as she arranges a half-dozen models in voluminous gowns around the entrance to building that looks like it might be a crumbling Venetian palazzo: You imagine that these women, five dressed in black, one in Valentino red, are taking their final deep breaths before entering a splendid and strange masked ball. Another of Turbeville’s photos is no less pregnant with ambiguous meaning: The same six models sit in a forest clearing, clad in coordinated tailored looks and matching bowler hats. It seems too frosty for a picnic—what are they doing there? Who are they waiting for? The only thing we can say for sure is that they look fantastic—and very on-trend for Fall ’19.

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