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When Mr. Valentino and Tiler Peck first became friends, he took her for a spin around the dance floor at the party following the New York City Ballet's annual gala, where Mr. Valentino had just been honored. "See you if can keep up with me!" he joked to the prima ballerina. Peck and Mr. Valentino having been making moves together ever since—most recently, showing up arm-in-arm to the Tony Awards in New York City. Peck stunned in a black tulle Valentino gown, and posed alongside Mr. Valentino on the red carpet, in front of a rainbow floral backdrop paying homage to the 50th anniversary of Pride. As the photos attest, the two pals were having a fantastic time celebrating Broadway's leading lights alongside bold-faced names such as Anna Wintour, Ryan Murphy, Adam Driver, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sienna Miller, Danai Gurira and Baz Luhrmann. No doubt Mr. Valentino, a keen fan of the theatre, is looking forward to his pal Peck's Broadway debut—the musical Marie, Dancing Still, in which she'll play Degas muse Marie van Goethem. The production, combining a trio of Mr. Valentino's great passions—art, theatre, ballet—is headed to the Great White Way soon. Stay tuned.


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