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Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2002

With the holidays upon us, the Valentino Museum is celebrating the art of dressing up—and not just for parties. Tis the season for casting off athleisure-wear and putting on looks with a sense of polish and pizzazz, and with that in mind, we're looking back at a few of Mr. Valentino's late-career collections, ones that might inspire women to--as Mr. Giammetti recently put it on his Instagram--get #backtoglamour.


Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2002


Florals, animal prints, metallics. Three of the biggest trends for this season, these motifs were well represented in Mr. Valentino's HC F/W 2002 outing. As this collection makes clear, the way to get the most out of these sultry fabrications is to go big: Top off your ensemble with a dramatic patterned coat; mix your metallics with feathers and fur; aim for maximal sparkle. What keeps this more-is-more aesthetic from crossing the line into too-muchness is its hew to a lean silhouette, one that sculpts a sinuous line along the body. Renounce the slouch and create volume via gestures—a cape, a pouf. And don't forget a bejeweled belt, ideally one in the shape of a snake. Nothing says #backtoglamour like serpent-cinched waist. 


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