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Monica Bellucci

Among the many gifts that Italian cinema has given the world over the years, the soulful, smoldering siren must be counted as one of the best. Mr. Valentino found early fans for his designs in two of Italy's original silver screen seductresses: Sophia Loren and Monica Vitti. And he formed a close relationship, too, with Monica Bellucci, the woman carrying on their legacy.
Bellucci has been making moviegoers' hearts beat faster since she made her film debut in 1990. And though she just celebrated her 52nd birthday on September 30th, she's still more than capable of inducing a racing pulse. That will be proven true, again, as she stars in two eagerly awaited projects: On the Milky Road, the new film from Palme d'Or-winning director Emir Kusturica, out later this year, and Twin Peaks, David Lynch's sequel to his iconic 1990s-era TV show.
Bellucci got her start as a model. Just as she was transitioning into acting, she scored an impressive modeling gig: A Valentino campaign! Bellucci has been a friend of the house, and of Mr. Valentino and Mr. Giammetti, ever since. She's sat front-row at Mr. Valentino's couture shows, made more than a few appearances in gowns of Valentino red, and been on Mr. Valentino's arm at several events—most recently, the premiere of the opera La Traviata, in Rome. Bellucci embodies the modern Italian screen siren with a combination of sophistication, intelligence and poise, which makes her a perfect ambassador for Valentino's timeless style.

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