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The Emmy Awards

It used to be, there wasn't much fashion to see at the Emmy Awards. But that's changed in television's new golden age: Big stars are flocking to the small screen, and fashion designers have followed suit, dressing them for the night of TV's most important honors. Valentino, as is customary, was ahead of his time in that regard. That gorgeous strapless black gown with the cloud-like crinoline skirt worn by equally-gorgeous Halle Berry at the Emmys in 2000? Valentino, of course. 


And there have been other standout Valentino moments at Emmy Awards since. One such choice moment came in 2007, when Christina Aquilera conjured Old Hollywood glam in an A-line Valentino gown in white, its bustier bodice set off by black strap and bow. And one of the all-time highlights in Emmy chic was provided by Boardwalk Empire star Gretchen Mol, who plucked a '70s-era gown in classic Valentino red from the archives to wear on the red carpet in 2012.


It made not have been the most photographed outing for a Valentino dress, but when Janie Bryant wore her beaded, lilac-colored Valentino to the Emmys in 2005, the moment was noteworthy for the compliment paid to the Master of Couture by TV's Master of Costume Design. Bryant collected her award for the costumes in HBO series Deadwood wearing that lilac Valentino; shortly thereafter, she'd bring fabulous fashion to TV by taking a job on a little show called Mad Men. Her Valentino gown still has pride-of-place in Bryant's closet: As she told People magazine, "I will always have that gown. I am never letting it go." 


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