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Travel Destinations from Carlos Souza

If the Summer Games have got you pining for Rio, take heed: Carlos Souza, the Worldwide Brand Ambassador for Valentino, is a native Brazilian, and his book Carlos' Places is chock-full of insider tips. For instance, if you're planning on making a pilgrimage to Rio's legendary Ipanema beach, Souza suggests you cap off the day with a visit to Satyricon, an Italian-style restaurant with super-fresh seafood that he says is his favorite in the area. Carlos' Places is full of such recommendations—where to stay, what to see, the best places to shop.


And his recommendations aren't limited to Rio. In Sao Paulo, for example, the city where Souza was born, he urges readers of Carlos' Places to check out the Japanese colony in the Liberdade, where he goes for porcelain and incense, and the Bar da Dona Onça, the perfect spot for a refreshing caipirhina. Oceanside Bahia, in the eastern part of Brazil, is where fellow Valentino tribe-member Charlene Shorto has her Balinese-style retreat, and travelers can get their own taste of Zen seclusion with a stay at the Hotel Canto das Aguas, nearby. Or they can trek to the mountains of lush Friburgo, where Souza maintains a farm…


Of course, as befits the Worldwide Brand Ambassador for Valentino, Souza has got tips for trips all over the globe. Heading to Paris? The best couscous, according to Souza, is a Chez Omar. The Mandarin Fish at Yongfoo Elite in Shangai is tart and delicious, according to Souza, but the real attraction of the restaurant, housed in a former British Consulate, is its antique décor. Santa Caterina is a splendid hotel on the Amalfi coast, and the sunset views it affords are divine. Be sure to pick up a pair of espadrilles made from recycled tires in Venice, and head to Mas for terrific fashion at a discount whenever you're in Rome. London, New York, Los Angeles—the list goes on. Carlos' Places is a guidebook for the jetset life.

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