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Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2004


With the holidays upon us, the Valentino Museum is celebrating the art of dressing up—and not just for parties. Tis the season for casting off athleisure-wear and putting on looks with a sense of polish and pizzazz, and with that in mind, we're looking back at a few of Mr. Valentino's late-career collections, ones that might inspire women to--as Mr. Giammetti recently put it on his Instagram--get #backtoglamour.


The Art Deco era was one of the high-water marks for glamour, and in this collection, Mr. Valentino drew on the Deco aesthetic to give his looks an urbane vibe. Statuesque gowns, geometric paneling, a glint of metal—together, these motifs work to create ensembles with the skyline-defining force of the Chrysler Building. Generous helpings of fur add to the collection's sense of richesse, while flapper touches such as fringe and diamante bring in a bit of swing and youthful insouciance. Another distinction here: The collection's unapologetically rich colors. Red is a major color trend for 2017/2018, and in this outing, Mr. Valentino shows what it looks like at full power, offering a voluminous gown in his signature Valentino red. The evening jumpsuit is also a key trend right now—but Mr. Valentino was onto the look back then, showing an oh-so-courant version in plum-hued silk with a matching fur. Glam, glam, glam.


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