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With the arrival of September, it's tempting to feel that summer's well and truly over. But not so fast! These are the dog days, the last hot and sticky ones before autumn officially commences on the 22nd and the leaves begin to turn. And what better way to celebrate the dog days than with dogs? Poppy, Blu, Moon and Maude are four of the luckiest pups around, privileged to tag along with their owners Mr. Giammetti and Mr. Valentino when they sail around the Mediterranean on the TM Blue.

Poppy and Blu, the Pomeranians, are Mr. Giammetti's loyal companions. Maude and Moon belong to Mr. Valentino—they're the latest in a long line of his pug friends, several of whom earned their 15 minutes of fame when they were featured in the documentary The Last Emperor. All four of these classy young canines have been taking a turn in the spotlight on @giancarlogiammetti, Mr. Giammetti's Instagram: They've been featured in a series of humorous snaps on the theme "Seven Deadly Sins." Year-old furball Blu, for instance, modeled "sloth," posing on a yacht cushion with a mostly-empty glass of wine, looking perfectly content never to move. Moon, who likewise joined the Valentino tribe a year ago, was the very picture of "greed" as he stared avariciously at a half-defuzzed ball. (Older siblings Poppy and Maude seemed to have conquered their vices as they've matured.)

Clearly, it's been a fun summer for the Valentino poms and pugs. But Mr. Giammetti's Insta followers needn't fear that they'll be seeing less of Poppy, Blu, Moon and Maude as the seasons change. No doubt they'll be joining their owners on their autumn adventures, living la dog-ce vita in Paris during fashion week—and more!


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