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Many of the books on Valentino are weighty tomes. Valentino: Themes and Variations, for instance, is a heavy lift—no surprise, inasmuch as the book covers the same broad ground as the celebrated show of the same name at the Museé des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, the first Valentino retrospective staged after his retirement from the maisonOr, for another example, there’s A Grand Italian Epic, penned by Mr. Valentino himself. That’s even more of a muscle-builder, clocking in at 576 hardbound pages.
For those looking for a Valentino guide on the lighter side, however, there’s now Vogue On: Valentino. Part of a series of primers on legendary designers launched by British Vogue, the book offers a fleet-footed overview of Mr. Valentino’s career, from his early days as an aspiring designer in Paris to the star-studded gala in Rome celebrating 45 years of Maison Valentino. Images drawn from the British Vogue archives illustrate the text by author Drusilla Beyfus, and a new interview with Mr. Valentino elaborates it. In short, Vogue On: Valentino is, literally, short. But it is also sweet—the perfect stocking stuffer for the Valentino fan in your life.

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